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Science Centre At Manna Park

Manna Park Eco-Reserve

The Manna Park Eco-Reserve is dedicated to preserve Australian wildlife in a natural environment. Study of the flora and fauna is encouraged and ongoing, as part of our Science Centre At Manna Park [SCAMP].

At Manna Park you can enjoy the sounds of native Australian birds, and watch the wildlife in their native habitats. A full species list continues to be developed, which we hope will include all forms of native life here, from the tall forest trees right down to the soil biota.

Australian Birds

More than 120 different birds have been catalogued at Manna Park and Mandeni. The extensive network of trails provdes a perfect opportunity for bird watching.


Yellow-bellied Gliders fly between the trees at night, while Kangaroos, Wallabies and Wombats often graze in the open, grassy areas. Bandicoots, Potoroos, Antechinus and Micro-bats are very shy, but may spotted occasionally.

Science Center at Manna Park, SCAMP

A science centre has been created in 2005 which involves different Australian universities to study the eco systems. Research into Bell Miner Associated Dieback [BMAD] is in progress. A Resident Naturalist is managing the Science Centre and is available to provide guided tours, spotlighting walks, or workshops in ecological principles and techniques.

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